April 9, 2013

Gold digger

The other day, I instagram-ed this:

I've always worn silver. I don't know why because my mom wears yellow gold exclusively. I think I just didn't like the 'yellow-ness' of it. Plus, I feel like silver is more neutral and easier to wear with most things.

Lately though I've felt like wearing gold more often. I have a few pairs of earrings I enjoy and some necklaces, which I never end up wearing. Why? Because my main accessories are my watch and Pandora bracelet - both silver.

Well, what's inside the bag changes all of that:

The Pandora bracelet is champagne-coloured leather, and despite having a silver clasp (the only option) looks far better with the light tan-coloured strap of the watch. I also chose a more rose gold coloured watch face over the yellow gold because it's a bit more subtle.

Now I'll be able to wear my gold pieces, tell time and show off my charms all at the same time.

Close ups:

I would probably wear a couple of my favourite charms on the bracelet but they are silver. You know what that means - I'm allowed to pick out some new ones ;)

I'm also known for my extreme buyer's remorse though so please someone make me feel good about my choice here!

More on my out-of-control weekend spending tomorrow!

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