March 12, 2013

Out of Commission

So all those blog posts I have planned and/or semi-completed will be posted a bit slower than anticipated. In the meantime, keep up with my tweets & instagram because that only needs one hand and I've trained the left hand pretty well :)

FYI for those curious...I get tendinitis in my wrist on occasion, which is probably eventually going to lead to full blown carpal tunnel syndrome. I try not to think about it. I just hope this episode goes away soon!

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  1. Booooooooooo. Hope your flare-up goes away soon!

  2. awe noooo! that totally blows Daniela, so sorry to hear about this sitch of yours. i empathize completely though. got a bit of it myself plus the Dr. told me i have early on-set arthritis. whaaat??? crazytown indeed. wishing you well lades, amazing you've become ambidextrous because of all this :) super impressive! hope you're having a good weekend so far lovely, thanks for stopping by. ♥


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