March 7, 2013

It's OK - 3.07

Time to link up with Neely & Amber to let you know what's OK today!

It's OK...

- that I've shopped at H&M every week since I've started my new job...not my fault it's so close
- that Koko is just now going to his first vet appointment...I'm old-school about going to the doctor's
- that tonight is the last time I'm going to dance for the rest of March due to a crazy busy Thursday schedule
- to love Friday Junior this much...aka Thursday
- to be extremely gung ho about bringing a lunch instead of buying lunch (except in special/extreme cases)...and be irritated when people just don't get it
- to treat Starbucks like a 'treat' instead of a daily's also easier on the budget
- to be extremely behind on actually typing up all the blog posts I've planned and listed out...including at least three book reviews :(
- to have several bottles of unused nail polish (including 2 brand new ones) and zero time to paint my nails...actually, I'm not even sure that's ok
- to be so happy that this link up exists :)

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