March 6, 2013

InstaLately - 3.06

I haven't had a chance to post the usual weekend and life updates as much but my instagram should bring you up to date!

The Bon Jovi concert was followed up with my first day at my new job, where I got rookie cookies for my first day. Awesome sauce.

Koko just sleeps everywhere. All the time. The usual.

I still feel guilty but we came across the Cupcake Girls' only cupcake store  in Toronto & had to try them! I'll be honest, not my favourite gourmet cupcakes to date.

For whatever reason, we decided that becoming members of Costco was a good idea - now we can overspend on large quantities of food we can't possibly finish & have nowhere to store. That and Post Its obviously.

Best of all, I recently picked up some new beauty finds & I can't wait to try them!!

Linking up with Jenn for this InstaLately!

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  1. I love Grow Stronger and that eye liner, but I'm the worst at putting it on! Let me know if you have some good tips!


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