February 11, 2013

Weekend on Fire

This is the most relaxing weekend I've had in a while because I wasn't stressed out about job interview results or "OMG Monday is coming, I have so much to do at work this week!" It felt great, obv.

Saturday started off with getting my hair done and a shopping trip [more to come!], followed by a celebratory dinner for my new job at a Teppanyaki restaurant. These are the Japanese restaurants that cook right in front of you and often get the audience involved. It was awesome.

Getting the grill FIRED up!
 I had my shot at tossing and cracking an egg in half but dC didn't get a shot at that fail. Thankfully. Food was deelish & experience was awesome! I highly recommend visting one of these!

Sunday was full or relaxing and apartment cleaning [talk about an oxymoron right?] followed by a Raptor game, which they WON! And I caught a t-shirt in the fan giveways! First time for both this season :)
Let's GO Raptooooooors!
So yeah, this weekend was on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!

Happy Monday!

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