February 18, 2013

The End of an Era

Remember when I was excited about starting my corporate job just over two years ago? Yeah, I didn't either but this post refreshed my memory.

I mean, I remember being happy but I didn't realize I was that excited...and naive. So, so naive. I've learned so much since then - about what I do and don't want, about people, about looking out for myself.

I was very happy at my last job for the first year, when it started getting very bumpy. I even wrote this post about it. Things didn't get much better after that, because even though I had bursts of positivity and motivation, I just kept getting beat down. It took me a long time but I finally managed to jump off that sinking ship & I don't plan on looking back. 

I'm obviously super, crazy excited about starting my new job, but this time it's for the right reasons. With everything I learned over the last couple of years, I know I've based my decision on the right things.

I can't wait until tomorrow to jump into this new & exciting challenge! And hopefully a better work ID photo than this one...

But first things first...BON JOVI TONIGHT!



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