February 28, 2013

Props to J-Law

Every Jennifer needs a nickname, right? Especially ones that are ON FIRE! Jennifer Lawrence is clearly so on fire.

Very rarely am I smitten with a female celebrity but I'm really excited about her. She's clearly talented - 3 awards in 3 months don't lie! - and she's got such a sweet & funny personality if you've seen her interviews and her SNL hosting.

Pretty much...we should be BFFs.

In case you missed the Oscars, here are the J-Law highlights. The dress was drop dead gorgeous.

Young Hollywood is full of over-confident douchebags *ahem Kristen Stewart*, that it's just refreshing to see someone, a girl no less, who hasn't been sucked in by it & is clearly focusing on the acting.

I'm also super excited to see her in 'Silver Linings Playbook' when I'm done reading the book. Not just because her performance is so critically acclaimed, but because I'm loving this book! If I had more time than just my commute to read, I'd be done by now.

So if you're not familiar with, or rooting for, J-Law yet, it's time you do so!


  1. Silver Linings Playbook is SO GOOD! I don't see many movies but that one was spectacular. Now you have me wanting to read the book, too! She's a doll. And she is so gorgeous, I mean, that skin!

  2. I absolutely love her. She is so funny and normal-weird, not celebrity-weird. And she really is talented so I love her even more. She's definitely the "it" girl right now!


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