February 12, 2013

New me, New things

On Saturday, I finally got my hair done after many months of contemplating.

I'm allergic to hair dye so I really wanted to try the 'ombre' style, and I finally went for it!

I really really like how it ended up turning out.

Naturally, I had to treat myself to a shopping trip afterwards.

I've been on the hunt for nice black boots (riding-style boots I suppose) for over a year now and I finally found a pair that I like on SALE! Like, 50% off on sale.

The fact that they had these left in my size was pretty much a sign that I should buy them
I'm also telling myself that I will commit to starting and enjoying going to the gym when I start this new job (there's a gym across the street) so I picked up these Nikes to help with the motivation.

I don't know why the lighting is so weird in this picture - they have purple detailing.
I swear I'm actually going to give this gym thing a go! Really!

Now here's to surviving 4 more days of this job...


  1. Love your hair & those boots are adorable!

  2. Your hair is so cute! I love how subtle it is.


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