February 21, 2013

It's OK Thursday - 2.21

Time to link up with Neely & Amber to let you know what's OK today!

It's OK...
...that I wasn't able to go through all of the Bon Jovi concert pics yet
[you can see check out the preview & video though]

...that I was 100% excited for my first day & 0% nervous!

...that I'm getting more nervous now worrying about whether I'll learn all this new stuff

...that I have three different mugs at my desk > regular, travel & re-usable Starbucks

...that I have mixed feelings about whether or not I want Grey's Anatomy to end this season [can't wait for tonight's episode!]

...that this ever-changing weather is driving me crazy!

...that this I plan on using this new 'casual' dress code to re-vamp my closet & go shopping this weekend!

...that the NBA draft deadline is tomorrow and A.Bargnani still hasn't been traded off the Raptors [that's borderline not OK]

...that I'm still trying to settle into a morning routine, mostly because I had zero routine for like the past 3 months with my old job

...that despite loving this new job, I'm still looking forward to the weekend for R&R :)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. You will learn it all and you will look back with pride. Have fun shopping!



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