February 8, 2013

Awesomeness Comes in Threes

At least it did for me this week.
I'm foregoing my usual Friday link-up fun to tell y'all about it.

This guy moved in & now we're roommates!

We're not roommates yet in this picture but everytime I remembered to take one this week, I was already in my PJs with my makeup off and that just wasn't happening lol

He doesn't actually like when I say we're roommates though; "What, we're just roommates now? That's it?"
Umm no, silly. It's just fun to say. Mr. Serious over here.

My Nexus 4 arrived in the mail!

It's not that my old phone died completely but it was not built for my level of usage [#nerdalert] & this brings me just a little bit closer on my quest of being contract-free!

Needless to say, I love it.

I got a new job!
That's right - all the stress I've felt because of work will be over in one short week and I am extremely happy & relieved about that.
This was yesterday's song of the day:

Have a happy weekend y'all!
Stay safe & warm if you're in the #snowmaggedon belt like me!

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