January 17, 2013

Weekend Unchained

Yes, I'm a little late on the weekend update seeing as it's Thursday but it's been quite the busy week around here!

Our plans to go to the movies were foiled because apparently they think it's appropriate to schedule movies at 7pm on a Friday night and then not again until 10:45pm. Fine. So we went to our favourite Asian Fusion AYCE (all you can eat) restaurant and did what we do best - pigged out. Meaning we were too busy digging in to take pictures of food, except for dessert.

Yummy green tea ice cream

Someone was lame this past weekend and told their boss they would do actual work on the weekend so I took advantage and cleaned in the meantime. The weather was gorgeous so when we finally went out, we went walking downtown, had a delicious middle eastern dinner at Paramount (favourite!) and I may have bought two CDs. That's right, CDs. Classic loves of mine though.

 And then we finally finally watched Django Unchained!! Wow, amazing. But only if you like Tarantino movies. I went into this one the same way I went into Inglorious Basterds - optimistic but no real expectations. And then I was blown away! Go see it.

Someone decided to do more work so I decided it was a good excuse to sit just around and relax. Then do groceries and make a delicious chicken and potatoes dinner. Finished off the night with the Golden Globes which you can get read the tweet-cap of here!

As per my 2013 goal, I had at least one awesome thing to journal about everyday - sushi, Django, Golden Globes - so I call that a successful weekend!

This weekend should be even more exciting because, barring any crazy weather, I'm having an awesome visitor!

Who's seen Django Unchained & what did you think?

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