January 9, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting! - 01.09

I debated whether or not link up today because that would involve going to Pinterest and then staying there for the better part of two hours. But I wanted to share this so I kept myself on a tight leash.
Plus, Tara is guest hosting this week!

So if it's going to be winter, let's have a real winter this year!  

I want to get snowed in

Wear cozy layers

Go skiing

Go skating

Enjoy the beauty that winter brings

Cozy up indoors with hot coffee

Do you enjoy winter? What is your favourite part?


  1. i hate winter because i'm always cold! lol. and it doesn't even get that cold in texas!

  2. Pretty pictures! I love winter, but only like being outside for small amounts of time. I hate being cold. Haha!


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