January 30, 2013

Koko Love

As promised, here are some of Koko's shenanigans & cuteness!

I hide in mummy's sheets in the morning

And then we have cuddle time

For breakfast we share cereal..yummz

And then I watch mummy shower
*Partially true - Koko usually hangs out between the two shower curtains while I shower, unless he gets really bored

While mummy works, it's time for my napz
*This is Koko being respectful of my workspace; usually he's laying across the keyboard 

Christmas was my favourite b/c I had lots of gift bags to play & hide in

There I am! Just hangin' out...

After playing it's time for napz again; I like to sprawl out as much as possible

Sometimes I just watch mummy like a little creeper...

...Other times I watch mummy from her bedroom door when she's going to sleep like a BIG creeper...

When I'm thirsty I like to drink right from the tap

Unless mummy's glass is accessible...

 And then I plank on the coffee table 'cause I'm cute!


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