January 28, 2013

Half a Dozen Yum

Half a dozen cupcakes that is. With all the busy-ness of errands and the like this past weekend - although don't ask me what I actually accomplished - going to Cupcakes Canada was most definitely the highlight!

We only ordered six because we knew we would eat the whole box regardless of the quantity and six each just seemed a little bit too much. Now that I'm craving them, I wish we bought a whole lot more but I digress...

Here's what we picked up:

My 3 choices: Cookies N Cream, Chocolate Celebration & Coconut Dream [which I enjoyed for breakfast]

dC only has pictures of two because he decided to eat his last one while I was sleeping! Very very sneaky.

This was actually my first foray into 'gourmet' cupcakes and you better believe I'll be going back for more and testing out different cupcake shops!

Happy [as can be] Monday!


  1. Cupcake shops are my weakness. If you ever get the chance, you HAVE to visit a Sprinkles. Their milk chocolate cupcakes are TO DIE FOR.


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