January 22, 2013

Frosty Reunion Weekend

Last weekend I had a special visitor - my cousin Viktoriya! Best friend. Better half. The Cristina to my Meredith. Or am I Cristina? Either way, you get it.

She got in just in time for dinner and the three of us headed off to meet up with some friends at the Biermarkt. Great place in terms of concept and offerings if you're a beer connoisseur but the most God awful service I have ever experienced, at every location I've ever been to. It had been a long day week so I went straight for the double vodka sodas #TGIF


We opted to skip breakfast in order to try a popular burger place I've been hearing about - Burger Priest. Ah-may-zing. Of all the specialty burger places I've tried recently, they are definitely in the top. The fact that the fries are to die for also helped.

Mike had their signature "The Priest"...that's cheesy portebello mushrooms in that breading
Even their decor was interesting! It's a super tight space though so it's unlikely you'll find seating to dig in right on the spot; we got lucky though and chowed down!

We may or may not have also topped that off with ice cream sandwiches made with their homemade cookies. Which were all devoured before any pictures were taken.

The rest of Saturday was pretty low-key. After watching The Grey, we decided that going outside was out of the question so girls night with movies & nails it was :)

The delicious pancake breakfast led to a TLC/A&E/HGTV/Food Network marathon of epic proportions. Putting my cable upgrade to good use! Plus, it was still -15C outside so no one wanted to be exposed to that.

The Good

Bulgarian Restaurant on the Food Network!

The Bad

I don't even really like House Hunters but this was the lamest couple in the worst location. Everything was just awful. "But we need to see if it's good for Danger!" Umm, he's a dog.

The Ugly
We were exposed to this atrocity while watching our first-ever episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. Never again.
So yeah, we had an epic weekend of R&R. Too bad we live in different countries or this would be every weekend day. *sigh*


  1. Sounds simply delightful!


  2. had a great time with you two! not including toddlers and tiaras, but even that was more bearable with a hilarious commentary from you ;)


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