December 11, 2012

More Holiday Weekending!

There may not be any snow on the ground yet, but the weather is getting colder and there is nothing more glorious than when you're indoors on cold winter weekends!

I love being able to get ahead with my chores and not having to do some on the weekend, and I did just that last Friday. I also got an awesome mini surprise!
"It was on sale babe, I had to!" - dC
The advantageous of getting an advent calendar a week late are that they're 50% off and you get to catch up on SEVEN chocolates in one night! #winning

On Saturday I got up fully motivated and made peanut butter banana bread.

We then went out and consumed this heart attack deliciousness:

Then we went to a lovely friend's birthday celebrations at GO Lounge, a boardgame cafe. Talk about the perfect combination of my favourite things - wine, cookies, paninis and board games. More #winning
Obviously we were too into it to bother with pictures but you can imagine the awesomeness.

Finished off the weekend with some more Christmas shopping (almost done!!!) and then relaxed with movies and spiked cider :)

In Coco news...
She found a boyfriend - a relationship she definitely calls the shots in...

Can you spot her?!
...and continues to hang out in the Christmas tree.

It's going to be another busy holiday week over here!
Hope y'all enjoy yours! 

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  1. I love your thought process on 50% off Advent calendars. So if I go get one now it'll be super cheap and I can eat 19 pieces! Haha. A burger and fries sounds so good right now. Man, I need to go eat breakfast! :)


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