December 21, 2012

It's the End of the World...Maybe

Hey there fellow world citizens. I'm going to write this even though you might not even ever read it. This whole end of the world thing is probably just hyped up but you just never know. I keep asking what time its' going happen - when the 21st starts or when it ends? What time zone are we following? No one has told me. 

But the saddest part of all - it didn't even motivate me to do crazy things. That could be a blessing - blowing my savings and the world not ending would be so anticlimactic - but it could also just be proof of the low point that my motivation has reached. #fail

But I super love that I was challenged to think about the #1 thing I would do if we really knew the world was ending.
Thank you Lauren!

Lauren, of lauren vs reality fame, wrote a song and put together a fantastic video about the end of the world. Watching what others would do was equally as amazing. Mike, myself and Coco all made it into the video with our 'last minute' wishes.

So if you only watch one more video before the world ends, watch this one...

Now tell me...what would you have done with this impending doom?! one may even get to read this...

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