December 4, 2012

Holiday Weekending

This weekend was a little bit of crazy and a lot of awesome.

Friday evening we took a little trip to IKEA, or at least what I intended on being little. We ended up walking out with a new TV unit. And lights to make it look fancy because Mike loves toys.

On Saturday I woke up earlier than I had any of the previous work days to take dC's car to get its Winter tune up. He bought breakfast at Cora's (my fave!) so it balanced out. We then hit the mall and I started my Christmas shopping like never before. Normally even if I go shopping early in December, I tell myself I'll wait to pick up gifts. Needless to say, that results in nothing good so I went a bit crazy. But I'm happy to say that I've got one person completely off my list and a few others are pretty close!

We also came home with a new Christmas tree which we put up after dinner. Shortly after, Coco broke a few branches.
Caught in the act!
Not going to lie, I was super angry with her the rest of thee evening and she was not welcome for cuddles that night. But I was more angry at the fact that she made me mad at her cute self than anything. Old Christmas tree it is I guess!

Sunday was pretty perfect. At home with some cider & rum (all day...yes we are mild alcoholics) while pulling out all the decorations and put up the tree. My absolute favourite way to spend the first Sunday of December!
Plum & Burgundy decorations this year

I'm super pleased with how the apartment turned out and can't wait to start wrapping gifts. Not sure how they'll fare with Coco but we'll see...Decorations haven't stopped Coco from climbing into the tree but at least this one is built like a tank so it can handle the little furball.
Hanging out with the decorations
So pumped for the holidays!

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  1. Your place looks great! I love the colors on your Christmas trees.


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