December 31, 2012

A look back at the year that was...2012

As you sit with your coffee - or alcoholic beverage, because it's 5 o'clock somewhere - trying to figure out how to ring in 2013, here is a little reading to keep you occupied.

Looking back at 2012 was bittersweet, but these posts tell a pretty complete story...

I guess some things never change because I still feel the same way I did in this post

Last year's Grammys sucked
I re-learned how to skate & Toronto has some great rinks!

Last Winter pretty much didn't happen...
...Which is ok because it allowed for wonderful Spring weekends
Someone I know celebrated a big milestone!

Got silly at the museum

I went public with my love of Intervention
I did my very first Pinterest craft
I discovered the sock bun...and was teased about it 

We went to our first wedding together..& did some other fun stuff
Had a fantastic anniversary trip to Montreal!

dC went away for 12 days & then came back - we survived!

We went to Chicago!

We went to our second wedding together
Saw the most amazing concert of the most amazing band - WOTE!
The Emmy tweet-cap happened

I discovered red lipstick
Marked my two-year anniversary as a City girl

There were some special birthdays here & here
I became obsessed with crafts
I celebrated 26 years of being alive with some love & friends
Most importantly...I got my little Coco puff

Kicked off the Holidays
The End of the World didn't happen...unfortunately

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