December 31, 2012

A look back at the year that was...2012

As you sit with your coffee - or alcoholic beverage, because it's 5 o'clock somewhere - trying to figure out how to ring in 2013, here is a little reading to keep you occupied.

Looking back at 2012 was bittersweet, but these posts tell a pretty complete story...

I guess some things never change because I still feel the same way I did in this post

Last year's Grammys sucked
I re-learned how to skate & Toronto has some great rinks!

Last Winter pretty much didn't happen...
...Which is ok because it allowed for wonderful Spring weekends
Someone I know celebrated a big milestone!

Got silly at the museum

I went public with my love of Intervention
I did my very first Pinterest craft
I discovered the sock bun...and was teased about it 

We went to our first wedding together..& did some other fun stuff
Had a fantastic anniversary trip to Montreal!

dC went away for 12 days & then came back - we survived!

We went to Chicago!

We went to our second wedding together
Saw the most amazing concert of the most amazing band - WOTE!
The Emmy tweet-cap happened

I discovered red lipstick
Marked my two-year anniversary as a City girl

There were some special birthdays here & here
I became obsessed with crafts
I celebrated 26 years of being alive with some love & friends
Most importantly...I got my little Coco puff

Kicked off the Holidays
The End of the World didn't happen...unfortunately

December 27, 2012

On Santa's Nice List This Year

I'm not even going to pretend that I didn't get spoiled this year by fam and fantastic boyfriend.

Here are some of the highlights, even though there are more...
 Clockwise from top left:
2013 Wall & Desk calendars
Stress relievers
Sewing machine
Iron & ironing board
ABBA Just Dance for Wii
Kobo eReader w/ cover

Guess what...It's not even over yet! There's another gift exchange today and a couple more on the weekend.
Just too much...but secretly, I can't wait :)

Hope everyone's having a great holiday!

December 25, 2012

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Wishing the very best to my bloggy pals & readers!
Hope you all have an amazing holiday with family & friends!

December 21, 2012

It's the End of the World...Maybe

Hey there fellow world citizens. I'm going to write this even though you might not even ever read it. This whole end of the world thing is probably just hyped up but you just never know. I keep asking what time its' going happen - when the 21st starts or when it ends? What time zone are we following? No one has told me. 

But the saddest part of all - it didn't even motivate me to do crazy things. That could be a blessing - blowing my savings and the world not ending would be so anticlimactic - but it could also just be proof of the low point that my motivation has reached. #fail

But I super love that I was challenged to think about the #1 thing I would do if we really knew the world was ending.
Thank you Lauren!

Lauren, of lauren vs reality fame, wrote a song and put together a fantastic video about the end of the world. Watching what others would do was equally as amazing. Mike, myself and Coco all made it into the video with our 'last minute' wishes.

So if you only watch one more video before the world ends, watch this one...

Now tell me...what would you have done with this impending doom?! one may even get to read this...

December 19, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday, Holiday Edition

Linking up with Michelle for the last Wednesday before Christmas!

All the things that make me love the Christmas holiday season...

Warm cozy sweaters

Belting out Christmas carols with my awful singing voice

Wrapping gifts for family & friends

Cute stationary...but when don't I love that?

And the thing I miss most...
Going to the Christmas Market in Germany

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season!

December 18, 2012

Holiday Yummies

I'm so pleased with how this past weekend turned out - holiday errands and relaxing. I got all of my holiday baking and treats done as well as the majority of gift wrapping. Christmas productivity always feels the best.

This year I cut the treats down a bit by skipping the sugar cookies (because no one really cares about those) and last year's failed attempt at no-bake cookies. They weren't so much a failed attempt as they did not live up to their description and were not worth the mess and hassle.

This year's Christmas treats menu:
* Almond Biscotti *
* Shortbread Cookie Bites *
* Peppermint Bark *
* Chocolate Covered Pretzels *
* Breton Brittle *
If you have questions about any of the recipes, let me know! :)

Peppermint bark
Various chocolate covered pretzels
Some chocolate-y shortbread bites
Almond Biscotti
Shortbread bites
Breton Brittle
Don't worry, I'm not eating all that myself, although that would be a personal record. I've made up a couple of tins for family, taking some to work & bringing them to Christmas parties.

I also wish I could send some to all my lovely blog readers :)

And now that most of the gifts are wrapped under the tree, it's that much prettier!

I can't believe there's only one week left until Christmas!. This time next week, it'll pretty much all be over which is crazy! All the built up excitement and anticipation, over with just a rip of the wrapping paper. But for now it's all about the anticipation... :)

December 17, 2012

Music Monday - 12.17

Amongst all the Christmas baking & wrapping this weekend, we popped out for a movie on Saturday to see the latest James Bond installment - Skyfall.

I haven't been a fan of the Daniel Craig 007 movies, even though I'm a fan of him, but this one was definitely worth the watch! 

Of course Adele penned a killer Bond theme for the movie...

Happy last Monday before Christmas!

December 11, 2012

More Holiday Weekending!

There may not be any snow on the ground yet, but the weather is getting colder and there is nothing more glorious than when you're indoors on cold winter weekends!

I love being able to get ahead with my chores and not having to do some on the weekend, and I did just that last Friday. I also got an awesome mini surprise!
"It was on sale babe, I had to!" - dC
The advantageous of getting an advent calendar a week late are that they're 50% off and you get to catch up on SEVEN chocolates in one night! #winning

On Saturday I got up fully motivated and made peanut butter banana bread.

We then went out and consumed this heart attack deliciousness:

Then we went to a lovely friend's birthday celebrations at GO Lounge, a boardgame cafe. Talk about the perfect combination of my favourite things - wine, cookies, paninis and board games. More #winning
Obviously we were too into it to bother with pictures but you can imagine the awesomeness.

Finished off the weekend with some more Christmas shopping (almost done!!!) and then relaxed with movies and spiked cider :)

In Coco news...
She found a boyfriend - a relationship she definitely calls the shots in...

Can you spot her?!
...and continues to hang out in the Christmas tree.

It's going to be another busy holiday week over here!
Hope y'all enjoy yours! 

December 7, 2012

Book Club - 12.07

This week I'm reviewing:
{via Goodreads}

Stephanie Plum, Trenton, New Jersey's favorite pistol-packing, condom-carrying bounty hunter, is back - and on the trail of a revenge-seeking waitress who's skipped bail. With the help of 73-year-old Grandma Mazur, ex-hooker Lula, a transvestite musician named Sally Sweet, and the all-too-hospitable, all-too-sexy Joe Morelli, Stephanie might just catch her woman. Then again, with more mishaps than there are exits on the Jersey Turnpike - including murders, firebombs, and Stephanie's arch-rival bounty hunter chasing after the same fugitive - Stephanie better watch her back big-time if she wants to live to crack this case.

I didn't think Evanovich could continue her momentum from Book #3 because it was that good, but she most definitely did. Girly bounty hunter + big black mama + little old lady + a totally straight tranny = hilarious & twisted. Oh ya and *spoiler alert* - some lovin' from hot cop Morelli definitely made this an easily hott read ;)

December 6, 2012

It's OK Thursday - 12.06

I'm linking up with Neely & Amber today, because unfortunately it has been another one of those weeks. I'm less than impressed.

It's OK...

- that I don't get to see my mom on her birthday...just the reality of living in different cities
- that my motivation continues to sink
- that I'm probably going to overspend on Christmas gifts
- that I just don't have the time to catch up with old friends that I no longer have anything in common with
- that some days I kind of hope that the Mayan armageddon is true
- that Traditional Christmas songs are still my favourite
- that I let Coco sleep in my room at night even though she wakes me up sometimes
- that I can't be bothered to worry about what I'm eating during the month of December
- that this post is a little bit negative & very random

Happy almost TGIF :)

December 5, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday - 12.05

I think one Pin will suffice for today because this says it all:

December 4, 2012

Holiday Weekending

This weekend was a little bit of crazy and a lot of awesome.

Friday evening we took a little trip to IKEA, or at least what I intended on being little. We ended up walking out with a new TV unit. And lights to make it look fancy because Mike loves toys.

On Saturday I woke up earlier than I had any of the previous work days to take dC's car to get its Winter tune up. He bought breakfast at Cora's (my fave!) so it balanced out. We then hit the mall and I started my Christmas shopping like never before. Normally even if I go shopping early in December, I tell myself I'll wait to pick up gifts. Needless to say, that results in nothing good so I went a bit crazy. But I'm happy to say that I've got one person completely off my list and a few others are pretty close!

We also came home with a new Christmas tree which we put up after dinner. Shortly after, Coco broke a few branches.
Caught in the act!
Not going to lie, I was super angry with her the rest of thee evening and she was not welcome for cuddles that night. But I was more angry at the fact that she made me mad at her cute self than anything. Old Christmas tree it is I guess!

Sunday was pretty perfect. At home with some cider & rum (all day...yes we are mild alcoholics) while pulling out all the decorations and put up the tree. My absolute favourite way to spend the first Sunday of December!
Plum & Burgundy decorations this year

I'm super pleased with how the apartment turned out and can't wait to start wrapping gifts. Not sure how they'll fare with Coco but we'll see...Decorations haven't stopped Coco from climbing into the tree but at least this one is built like a tank so it can handle the little furball.
Hanging out with the decorations
So pumped for the holidays!

December 3, 2012

Music Monday - 12.03

We haven't had a #MusicMonday for a while but today is proving to be especially difficult so I thought it was necessary.

I've been loving this song like crazy and no, it doesn't remind me of The Police at all. Enjoy!

Since it's the first day of December at work, that obviously means I'm going to be pulling out the Christmas music!