November 13, 2012

Humidifying Fun

This past weekend was full of to-do list fulfilling & dC family time. There's nothing better than being able to cross a bunch of things off of your to do list. Especially when you have to spend the weekend in the 'burbs.

So my apartment is very very dry and this year I finally decided that it was time for me to by a humidifier. The super nice (European) ones will put you off $250 so I haven't exactly been looking forward to this purchase, especially right before Christmas.  On a browsing trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond we came across a nice and fairly inexpensive one which I finally convinced myself to buy.

While at the cash I noticed that the grandma in front of me had a 20% discount coupon - apparently you receive that once you sign up for their mailing list. Win! Unfortunately, even if you sign up right away and receive it to your smartphone email, you still have to actually print it out and bring it to the store. Home is a 15 minute drive. Lose.

But teamdCdK is creative and all we needed was a printer to print off one sheet of paper. Easy. Since we had already been to the Best Buy, we headed over to the Future Shop (Best Buy's cousin) across the street. We originally debated just flat out asking to print something but it seemed too lame. Of course none of the demo computers were hooked up to printers, that would just be too easy. Luckily, Future Shop has kiosks where you can look up products and print off info/specs. How many of those do you think worked? Zero.

However, before figuring out that none of them worked we ran around the store to each and every one of them, all the while looking around to make sure no one was watching us log into Bed, Bath & Beyond. Haha If security was paying attention to their cameras, they probably would have grown suspicious. At the last kiosk in the appliance department, I was bending down peering into the printer cabinet hoping that maybe, just maybe, this one would work when an employee approached us.

Employee: Can I help you guys with something?
dK: Mmm, we're just looking.
dC: Yeah, we were just trying to print some specs.
Employee: Oh, for what?
dC: An appliance.
Employee: [slightly confused look] Umm...which one?
dC: This fridge. [points to fridge next to him]
Employee: [still slightly confused] Oh ok, I can get those for you.

She sauntered off to print them (of course I followed her just in case she was going to a working kiosk that we'd missed - nope) and came back with some helpful information. For the record, it's a pretty awesome fridge. What can I say, I'm a fan of appliances. #nerdalert

So I guess we weren't clever enough. But 20% is 20% so we drove home, printed out the coupon and went back to pick up the humidifier. Not before we 'borrowed' his dad's BMW for the second ride. Didn't make sense to have one car make the same trip twice, amiright?

I'm happy to report that the air in my apartment is infinitely better now so it was all worth it. 

Today's life lesson: sign up for Bed, Bath & Beyond's mailing list before going to shop there so that you can PRE print your 20% off coupon. 

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  1. There's a Bed Bath & Beyond right near my apartment and I spend WAAAAY too much money there. Also, those coupons never expire even though they have expiration dates on them. Make sure not to throw them out!


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