November 13, 2012

Another Birthday Shoutout!

Yesterday I had special birthday shout out to my fave Hollywood boy. It wouldn't be fair to let this day pass without a shout out to my favourite Hollywood man.

He oozes charisma. Sex appeal. Bad-boy niceness. A Scottish drawl. In summary, I want to do many things to this man.

Happy Birthday Gerry :)

It most certainly doesn't help that I picture Mr. Butler as the hot cop in the Stephanie Plum series I'm reading. (Book reviews for one & two in the series) Right from the start I got confused by that other bounty hunter movie he was in (with Jennifer Aniston) and since then, he's all I see. Anyway, I don't mind; he is single and all.

 As if November wasn't already the best birthday month, I get to share it with Ryan & Gerard. #luckygirl

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