October 10, 2012

Thanksgiving long weekend

Last weekend was a long one in Canada thanks to Canadian Thanksgiving [no pun intended] heehee

I'd like to say it was relaxing but mostly it was busy, busy though definitely fulfilling :)

I spent Friday night making the pie shells for my pumpkin & apple pies - 2 of each for 2 Thanksgiving dinners. Then I made myself a poutine as a reward. Fries, cheese, bacon & gravy - I can't possibly think of anything more delicious than that.

Saturday morning I spent making my pie fillings for easy pie-baking on Sunday and Monday. Talk about efficient over here!

Lunch on Saturday was served by Five Guys - I think we all know how amazing that is...
That was followed up with shopping where picked up these puppies for a total of $70! If you live in Canada, and especially Toronto, you know that's a steal!

That night we saw Looper - so amazing, I definitely recommend you all see it! Seriously, it's probably the best movie I have seen all year and here is a preview to convince you.

Sunday was the first Thanksgiving dinner resulting in this pie aftermath:
{via @arseniaa]
Monday I baked my last two pies which looked like this pre-baking:

And then the apple pie dish cracked so you won't be getting the sorry-ass post-baking picture because it does it no justice lol Still delicious though and enjoyed by everyone at the second Thanksgiving!

But I definitely needed another day to recuperate from all the baking, running around and eating...Oh well, maybe next weekend!

Whether Canadian or American, what is your favourite part of Thanksgiving?

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