October 1, 2012

Oh hello, October!

When did you get here - are you early or am I late? Don't answer that. Either way, you snuck up pretty quick! But that's ok, I happen to like you. You're right in the heart of fall and bring quite a lot of things to look forward to from now on...

- More excuses for a #PSL treat
- Chilly fall walks just to come home and cozy up on the couch
- Cold nights in to watch movies & play game
- Thanksgiving for baking apple &  pumpkin pie
- Beautiful fall scenery
- Fall-scented candle
- Getting out the warm accessories - gloves, scarves & hats, oh my
- Finally layering again
- Swapping out the summer clothes for warmer ones & finding excuses to shop :
- Some rainy days so I can wear my rain boot
- Enjoying hot homemade soup
- Staying in to cook up a storm on the weekend
- Starting Christmas shopping without feeling too weird about i
- Getting that much closer to my birthday...

This past weekend had perfect fall weather so we enjoyed a Harvest Fair & cozy TV time to say good bye to September...
Clockwise from top left:
French macaroons at the Fair,
dC's new friend at the Fair petting zoo,
The gorgeous sunset on the last day of September,
More petting zoo animal fun

I'm also trying out a new makeup look for the cool weather...

Happy Autumn & October :)

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  1. Macrons at the fair? Your fair is waaaay classier than mine! Pretty makeup!


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