September 4, 2012

Chicago, The Zoo

Check back for Day 1 & Day 2.

Yes, the zoo deserves its own post. The Lincoln Park Zoo was way more than we expected from a free zoo! That's right, free. In dC's words, 'free' cast an idea of barn animals in close proximity within an area the size of a playground. A 'petting zoo' if you will. This was definitely not a petting zoo - it was totally legit.

Personally, I frigin' love zoos. Probably because I love furry things and cuddling with them. And making cutesy baby noises - yes, I do that. I haven't been allowed to cuddle the animals yet - dC has a serious jealous streak - but soon.

Below are some highlights, and for the zoo-lovers like myself, there's also a slideshow of the entire visit.

For those who want more of the zoo, here's a slideshow of the whole thing!

Day 3 to come!

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