September 6, 2012

Chicago, The River Boat Tour

Check back for Day 1, Day 2, the Zoo & Day 3.

I can only describe the Chicago River Architecture Boat Tour in one word - spectacular. Maybe it's just my love of architecture - it's in my top 3 of university degrees I should have actually gotten - but it's just so amazing to see and hear the stories. Plus, you're on a boat; can't go wrong with that!

There is a slideshow at the end for those who want to see absolutely everything from the boat cruise but these are my favourite highlights. I meant to write to down the name of every single building, but I was far too excited to do that at the time.

Trump International
[The Apprentice job that Bill Rancic won]


'Condos' built in the 80s that have never been re-sold since!

They make planes here!...Just kidding...

River City Condos - apparently this place has everything you need within its perimetre
including a heated marina on the River...which is very important for my boat...

Panoramic shot from Navy Pier on the boat


Stay tuned for Day 4 - the last day :(

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