September 11, 2012

Chicago, The Fireworks

Check back for Day 1Day 2the Zoo, Day 3, the Boat Tour & Day 4.

I know it may sound like fireworks are not 'big' enough to deserve their own post in a trip about Chicago, but trust me...they were BIG!

On our last night in Chicago, we went down to Navy Pier to watch their mid-week fireworks. These were not your regular mid-week fireworks. They were serious holiday-esque fireworks, last well over 10 minutes. That's years in fireworks time, and I loved all of it!

For your viewing pleasure...[slideshow below as well]


So our trip to Chicago ended with a 'BANG!' [sorry, couldn't resist] and the consensus is that we totally loved every single minute of it! I love love love this city & I will definitely be back!

I'm going to put together a mini 'tour guide' post with recommendations if you're thinking of visiting, so come back to check it out!

Now, what was your favourite Chicago post?

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