September 2, 2012

Chicago, Day 1

Chicago was absolutely fantastic! We've been back for nearly a week and I really miss it. Both vacation in general and the city itself. So glorious.

I'm uber happy that we left at 6am because we managed to get there at about 1pm (thank you for the extra hour, time zone!) and pretty much had an entire extra day with gorgeous weather!

We stayed at the Palmer House which had an amazing location and classic feel to it.

We started with exploring the closest thing to us - Grant & Millennium Parks - conveniently down the street!


"Married with Children" anyone?

They also have a gorgeous harbour front and skyline.
Yes, I'll have one of those please!

Roosevelt University - amazing structure
 We finished off this long day with a seafood dinner & a lovely stroll by the Chicago River.

 Day 2 to come!

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  1. The Bean! Married with Children fountain! I want to get here so bad.


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