September 24, 2012

Buh-bye Summer!

I know summer ended two days ago, but on this blog I've got one more summer post to share so it's going to be ending today. I just extended your summer - you're welcome.

Excuse the cliche but - where did the summer go? I know we say that every year but I must say that this year seems to have passed exceptionally quickly. Probably because there was so much going on with very little down time to just BE. Or I just don't remember that down time. Either way, summer 2012 went by in a flash!

In Toronto, you know summer is coming to an end when Th Ex hits town. And you know it's hit town when you can hear what sounds like World War III bomb planes outside. The air show is annoying.

Ribfest, $30 for a stuffed animal (thank you arcade!) & a Friday night to take in the last of summer gloriousness. Amazing.

We officially ended summer in style at this couple's very lovely wedding...

...with us looking as stunning as always...just saying ;)

As always though, I am looking forward to autumn - my favourite season by far! - for the winding down, bundling up and time to cozy up at home guilt-free! :)

Most importantly - only 2 months until my birthday! Don't worry, I'll share the wishlist soon to give you plenty of time to shop and mail your gifts!

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