August 7, 2012

the familiar block

writer's block of course. i doubt there is a single blogger out there who isn't familiar with it. i actually think it's physically (mentally?) impossible to not go through writer's block.

i'm pretty disappointed considering i was on a roll the last few weeks. but my mind has been preoccupied with work and lame life things and unless you want to hear all about that (trust, you don't), then the occasional link up is your best bet. i actually find link ups to be quite great - i get to share my content and see what others think on the same topic. win, win.

there's also been a serious lack on inspiration and I blame that on the lameness around me. nothing too exciting or too rant-worthy. me not being able to rant? the world must be ending.

seeking external inspiration, i took to my blog searches to see what brings some people here. i wish i reviewed this more often because

1. i wrote about Celine Dion once and all of a sudden I'm popping up on searches? i'm honoured.
2. that would be the truth. the blog has spoken about it many times.
3 + 4 + 5. i'm sure glad that i am the go to place for wardrobe malfunctions. that one walk to work sure was eventful!
6 + 7. umm, here i've got nothing. what's a dolman sleeve dress? and i never watched, therefore never talked about, sex & the city so idk what search engine you're using but it's wrong.

i thoroughly enjoyed going through these & will have clearly have to do so more often! but unfortunately i'm still looking for some serious inspiration...

btw, this is an example of a 'dolman sleeve dress'...
very nice, but i do not own one...

who's got hilarious searches to share?!?

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  1. hahaha those search terms made me laugh! For some reason I get a lot of referrals from Eastern Europe searching for "girls' asses in leggings"...I don't even know why it would lead them to my blog but I'm going with it.


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