August 29, 2012

Back to le grind!

So we're back from Chicago *SADZ* but it'll take me a few more days to get the posts organized given that we took about a billion pictures. Doesn't help that this week has been crazy already & shows no signs of letting up! There's a teaser at the bottom though!

On Monday I hate to take my Android in for repairs so I'm stuck with my old Blackberry. Trust me, I quickly remembered why I left the RIM world. Of course work was a disaster in my absence. That's not an attempt to talk myself up - I'm average in the situation, everyone else just seems to lack basic common sense!

The long weekend is coming up as well and you bet that we've got it jam packed with last minute summer things! But as promised, here's the mini teaser:

Michigan Ave / Magnificent Mile
Soldier Field
Yes, that's my game face LOL
Note the top right corner!

Random poses with Barney - we don't even watch HIMYM lol 
More to come!!!

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