July 16, 2012

Tonight, I will love love you tonight...

dC started his new job today and they have 2 weeks of training at their head office. Apparently they haven't heard of video conferencing, etc.

Today is day 1 of 12 without dC, which feels crazy long. By the time he gets back, July will be over. Wow.

To keep myself occupied I've made a list of things to do - mostly things I should have already done - and am going to try to knock off as many as possible!

To make sure I don't forget about him me feel better, he put together a survival kit:
3D Puzzle
12 Pictures w/ captions for each day that he is away...
Hilariously enough, I also sent him off with an envelope of daily notes to stay close.

Apparently we have the same cheesy ideas. That's why we're #teamdCdK.

On top of that, being abroad means far less texting & phone calls. We'll be ok but it'll be a long 12 days and it's the longest we've ever been apart. :(

Miss you babe! :*)

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  1. Oh my god, that is so damn cute that he put that package together.
    I hope the 12 days go very fast for you guys!
    Where abroad did he go?


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