July 20, 2012

Montréal, 4ème jour

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On Day 4 we soaked up as much of the city as we could before heading home...

We successfully found the most popular local bagel bakery & devoured our bagels so quickly that I didn't get any pictures. Nor of the 2 dozen bagels we brought home... Yes, they were that delicious.
As per their website:
More than 20 different varieties of bagel available, rolled by hand and baked in a wood-fired oven!"
Read: Heaven.

After a hearty breakfast we headed up the Mont Royal mountain for the breath taking views!

South towards downtown:

East towards the city:

Au revoir...

Until the next trip!


  1. Beautiful shots! I've been wanting to get up to Montreal for awhile now but I keep ending up in the Caribbean instead. One day!

  2. Those views are beautiful! And you've got me very curious about those bagels.


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