June 26, 2012

Voilà, we're back!

Back from an excellent long weekend...of climbing stairs and hills. Haha No no, we had a great time in Montreal - hands down my favourite city in Canada! But seriously, those people deal with way too many stairs and hills on a daily basis.

I'm happy to report that our weather was excellent and that deciding to roadtrip instead of going by train/plane allowed us to maximize our weekend on our own schedule.

We managed to:
* thoroughly explore Old Montreal
* stroll the harbourfront
* see a fantastic street performer
* walk the entire commerical Rue Sainte-Catherine
* hang out at the Jazz Festival grounds (that naturally started the day we had to leave!)
* eat Poutine & pulled pork
* visit & tour the Stade Olympique
* experience the city as locals at the Quebec National Festival
* eat smoked meat sandwiches
* hit the Casino like the high rollers we are
* see a panoramic view from the top of Mont Royal
* try some famous Montreal bagels (and bring over a dozen home!)
* master the Montreal Metro
* get a lot of great excercise - thank you stairs & hills!

Pictures from the camera haven't been uploaded yet but you do get this sneak preview:
A very cool "picture booth" called Memorama in Montreal's Gay Village
The trip in picture-form coming soon!

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  1. I think you guys had a way better time than we did in Montreal! ha Can't wait to see the pictures, and happy belated anniversary!


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