June 28, 2012

Diamond War Wounds

Softball diamond that is. Sorry ladies, this post isn't about sparkling diamonds. I share your disappointment, really.

So softball season is back, as I may or may not have mentioned, and the #Pigeons have actually been kicking ass! Started off a bit shakey but we're back.

Tuesday's game was intense - we may have lost but it was only by 2 runs to the team who has been #1 for the last 2 to 3 years. Pretty epic.

Except for the injuries. I'm a pretty permanent second baseman so tend to see quite a bit of ball action when it's a good game. This time, my face saw far more ball action than it wanted to when my mouth was slammed  shut by a pop up to the chin. DON'T WORRY, I'm fine! But I was super worried I chipped [another] front tooth.

I know it looks lame but it's all scabby & I have a noticeable bump on my chin 

dC scored 3 homeruns (!!!) which is a personal best, but the price tag was taking a ball straight to the finger. He refused to get gory though so this is all you get to see.

Gore left to the imagination...

By the way, in order to fix it he had to file down his nail and spent the next day ranting about how he now knows why I love filing my nails so much - "It feels so good! I just wanted to shaped all of my nails!" Just sayin'...

PS: Currently accepting 'Get Well' gift baskets of goodies - inquire within for my mailing address.

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  1. Even with that big ole bump on your chin you still manage to look as lovely as always. It's awesome that you play hard enough to receive battle wounds. I think I'd be the girl in the outfield playing with the grass.


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