June 28, 2012

Diamond War Wounds

Softball diamond that is. Sorry ladies, this post isn't about sparkling diamonds. I share your disappointment, really.

So softball season is back, as I may or may not have mentioned, and the #Pigeons have actually been kicking ass! Started off a bit shakey but we're back.

Tuesday's game was intense - we may have lost but it was only by 2 runs to the team who has been #1 for the last 2 to 3 years. Pretty epic.

Except for the injuries. I'm a pretty permanent second baseman so tend to see quite a bit of ball action when it's a good game. This time, my face saw far more ball action than it wanted to when my mouth was slammed  shut by a pop up to the chin. DON'T WORRY, I'm fine! But I was super worried I chipped [another] front tooth.

I know it looks lame but it's all scabby & I have a noticeable bump on my chin 

dC scored 3 homeruns (!!!) which is a personal best, but the price tag was taking a ball straight to the finger. He refused to get gory though so this is all you get to see.

Gore left to the imagination...

By the way, in order to fix it he had to file down his nail and spent the next day ranting about how he now knows why I love filing my nails so much - "It feels so good! I just wanted to shaped all of my nails!" Just sayin'...

PS: Currently accepting 'Get Well' gift baskets of goodies - inquire within for my mailing address.

June 26, 2012

Voilà, we're back!

Back from an excellent long weekend...of climbing stairs and hills. Haha No no, we had a great time in Montreal - hands down my favourite city in Canada! But seriously, those people deal with way too many stairs and hills on a daily basis.

I'm happy to report that our weather was excellent and that deciding to roadtrip instead of going by train/plane allowed us to maximize our weekend on our own schedule.

We managed to:
* thoroughly explore Old Montreal
* stroll the harbourfront
* see a fantastic street performer
* walk the entire commerical Rue Sainte-Catherine
* hang out at the Jazz Festival grounds (that naturally started the day we had to leave!)
* eat Poutine & pulled pork
* visit & tour the Stade Olympique
* experience the city as locals at the Quebec National Festival
* eat smoked meat sandwiches
* hit the Casino like the high rollers we are
* see a panoramic view from the top of Mont Royal
* try some famous Montreal bagels (and bring over a dozen home!)
* master the Montreal Metro
* get a lot of great excercise - thank you stairs & hills!

Pictures from the camera haven't been uploaded yet but you do get this sneak preview:
A very cool "picture booth" called Memorama in Montreal's Gay Village
The trip in picture-form coming soon!

June 22, 2012

Anniversary Celebrations!

As mentioned, #teamdCdK's 1st anniversary was on Monday and naturally we needed to mark this momentous occasion.

We decided on small gifts & a dinner out since we are treating ourselves to a trip!

My gifts to dC:
The card says "Hit the Snooze. Snuggle." x3 So cute, I couldn't resist!
I made this Tshirt using my fave crafty technique
i <3 my boyfriend

My gifts from dC:
A new framed picture to put up :)
A new journal to rant it - it's hilarious & deserves its own blog post
FINALLY mini clothes pin to complete my postcard project - deets to come

We then proceeded to stuff our faces at all-you-can-eat sushi. Ok, it was mostly me.

And today, we leave for our anniversary trip to Montreal! So excited! I didn't brush up on my French as much as I would have liked but it'll be that much more fun. It's perfect timing too as we both really need to get away from everything for a few days!

À bientôt!

June 18, 2012

One Year of Lovin'!

Happy First Anniversary to #teamdCdK!
Love you babe!

So this is new...do we just do it all over again now???

Post your thoughts on what happens after this milestone below! :)

June 13, 2012

Humpity Hump Day

It's definitely Wednesday. My day started with Googling the following:
"how much should you save up before quitting your job"

Which resulted in going through this post:

It was 100% what I was looking for. However, definitely not what I wanted to hear.

I don't have a plan. Not at all. I would love to be an entrepreneur but I've always known I'm not quite right for that - not a riks-taker & quite frankly I have zero ideas.

The only answer I have is to 'travel Europe'. But that's my answer every time I want to runaway from my problems life.

My perfect job involves what I love most & do best - social media & business. Not sure where to find it though, or whether it will pay the bills.

How do I start looking without even knowing what I'm looking for? Can't someone do it for me? That would be perfect.

On the bright side, if none of that works out I guess I can always rely on being a 'stunt' double for this guy:

Happy #HumpDay!

June 8, 2012

Book Club!

Linking up with the lovely Heather for

This week I finished:
Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways. So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that? And every year that follows? Twenty years, two people, ONE DAY.

My Good Reads review was pretty short and sweet.
Beautiful. A unique read and pleasantly unpredictable at times. Perfect.
I was too overwhelmed right after finishing it to write much more. I loved this book, despite some surprises at the end (Leanna had to convince me to get to the end!), and there were definitely tears involved. I identified with Emma at many points with her righteous nerdiness and really couldn't wait to see how her relationship with Dexter would grow with each passing chapter. The writing was wonderful and setup of the chapters (same day for 19 consecutive years) was unique and made it that much more exciting! Loved.
100% recommended

June 6, 2012

Recap Time!

First post of June, eh? It's been a pretty busy trying to enjoy the warmer weather, etc. So here's what's been happening:

*Softball season has started! Despite the first loss, we're now 2:1. Just going to try to not have a repeat of last year.

*I made delicious falafel

*We had another clubbing date!

*Met up with my lovely bloggy friend Bree for the first time! A successful first 'date' I'd say :)

*Went to our first wedding together and looked great, if I may say so myself!

*Spruced up my apartment! Thank you centrepieces!

*Celebrated the warm weather with some delicious gelato! Way better than ice cream, btw

Happy #HumpDay!