May 15, 2012

Weekend Love

The weekend was as awesome as expected, and then some. That's always the case when this lovely lady comes to visit!

Our time was filled with dinner & drinks, and then some more dinner & drinks, and of course a lot of laughs & all around good times. Couldn't ask for more.

Needless to say, we made some time for shopping because you can't have girl time without shopping! I managed to control myself and only picked up these key needs:

Cute & on sale!
Perfect summer tank that will match both my navy & coral skinnies! So pumped!
Scarves! Instead of buying new clothes, I want to accessorize more & these were so cute!
[H&M, Joe Fresh, H&M]
Despite my awesome steals, what made the weekend perfect was spending it with my 2 most favourite people in the world...

Love you both! :)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that striped tank top! It's perfect for summer.

  2. I had a great time with you two!! Can't wait for July!

  3. Those are super cute! I've always wanted to try accessorizing using scarfs though i dont know how.. Kindly post more outfit pics wearing scarfs pls!


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