May 2, 2012

Re-Turning a New Leaf

I do this every spring. I start feeling the result of the winter over-snacking blues & I go crazy thinking about having to wear summer clothes. Summer clothes accentuated by a muffin top.

So then I decide I'm finally going to commit to [learning to love] exercising & finally starting to eat consistently healthy, instead of just one-off healthy weeks followed by face-stuffing.

That's why I hit up a fresh produce stand after work, worked out when I got home and made this delicious salad from SkinnyTaste. Followed by vowing that I need to keep this once and for all.

Honestly, I don't know how that's going to happen. I whimpered during the entire workout and called my mom afterwards to tell her how much I hated it. I hate it. There's no other way to describe it. But it needs to happen.

The tricky part is the balance, as I'm sure you all know. Too many restrictions leads to anxiety & cheating; too much leniency makes this undertaking rather pointless.

Here's a few ways I'm going to try to get & stay on track:
- Stop waiting for a morning that I can actually get out of bed & just try to find any time to workout
- Workout at least for the bare minimum amount of time and start to enjoy it
- Make lunches ahead of time - even if that means having a cooking day the previous weekend
- Commit to using my FitnessPal
- No eating out - dC & I have set the date of our next dinner out in 3 weeks
- Find motivation - internally & externally

How do you guys motivate yourselves to stick to these tough goals?
 I would love some moral support :)

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