May 8, 2012

Everyone's an addict

I would have posted about the weekend but none of my pictures are uploading so there'll be a delay on that.

Instead, here's a video of yours truly [more inebriated than I had originally thought] on a [very] mini rant about addicts. Why addicts? Because a couple of months ago I was obsessed with the show Intervention and would watch episode after episode thinking, "How are people so massively fucked!" but I couldn't get enough. My own little addiction if you will. Essentially, every shady individual was suspected to be an addict for a time after that LOL

Taken on the [new!] subway at around 1:30am
Speech bubbles courtesy of dC; he says you're welcome.

Stay tuned because there's another video in this series and the weekend post is coming!


  1. i can watch this video over and over again and not get enough.. the bubbles make it better though, not gonna lie.


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