March 13, 2012

The Weekend - Opa!

I signed up for GroupOn a year ago and of the three 'coupons' I've bought, I've only used one. That's $65 wasted guys - I won't even start with how many groceries or redundant Forever21 tops I could have bought with that. Anyway...

On Saturday night we used my GroupOn for dinner at Omonia in Toronto's Greek town. I love love love going to this part of the city because it's kind of my hood from when I was younger and regardless of the time of year or time of day this neighbourhood is bustling! This chilly Saturday night was no exception.

I'm glad I made reservations because it was pretty busy when we got there & a bit chaotic for dC's liking.
"What's going on? Do they even know we're here for our reservation? I think they forgot about us!"
I told him that that's the Eastern European way - organized chaos - and that he should get used to it LOL Everything was great once we got seated...except I'm awful at remembering to take pictures of dinner so you'll have to use your imagination :P

I did remember to take pictures of "dessert" thought - some coffee was necessary before we hit the bar for a friend's birthday!
Double fisting with a Bailey's coffee & Long Island Iced Tea! :))

Single fisting - can't keep up ;)

On Sunday we hit the driving range to open the 2012 golf season, and it was spectacular! Well the weather was;  my golfing was actually shit. But ah, I'm so excited about the weather and the light! There will definitely be some sleeping in this week though...

How was everyone's DST weekend?!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I've been wanting to take up golf...mostly because I think I'd look pretty adorable in a golf outfit hahaha but I think I'd actually enjoy playing too.


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