March 22, 2012

Spring Weekend

I know it's already Thursday & the next weekend is coming up but I had such a fantastic last weekend that I can't not tell y'all about it!

- went to see Safe House

- spent way too much money at the mall in less than an hour

- bought the most amazing lip balm of life (stay tuned)

- took some fun #teamdcdk pics 
I think we know who the cute one is...
- completely re-organized both of my closets in the spirit of Spring cleaning!

- went for a walk in the city & discovered Menchies!

- wore my new coral jeans for Spring!
I actually cannot get enough of this outfit!
[also holding my almost-devoured Menchie froyo]
- enjoyed the first pint-on-a-patio of the season!

- went for a walk on the Beaches for the first time since I've moved to the city!
Instagram'd by dC :)

Not gonna lie, this week hasn't been too shabby & needless to say, cannot wait until next weekend!
T-2 days!

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  1. Love the coral jeans! I feel like I can't have enough colors and want to go buy more :P


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