March 15, 2012

Dear old man Winter...

...what the fuck? If there was an Oscar for indecision, you would win that shit hands down. For 2012 at least. I mean, I'll be the first one to admit I'm indecisive but at least my decisions or lack thereof don't fuck with people's lives. YOURS SCREW WITH THE ENTIRE PLANET! You're senile, I get it - hence the "old man" part - but that's no excuse. You've got a job to do and that's to make winter things happen during the winter season. Period.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of bitter, cold misery (don't even start!) but I do enjoy the snow storm excuse to stay in my cozy apartment all weekend watching movies and being lazy. Instead, I felt like I needed to go outside and "enjoy what's left of this good weather". That's effort, you know how I feel about effort. I'm also pissed that I didn't get to hit the slopes at all this year. I mean, I guess I could have gone away to some snowy hills, but quite frankly it just felt wrong. So in conclusion - I feel cheated and I'm escalating this issue.

I may not have followed through with my lawyer dreams (yeah, I took the LSATs then decided it wasn't my dream, and now I'm really not sure if I made the right decision) but you bet your ass I've built a case against you and we're going to use this little blog as our court room. Let the exhibits begin...

January started off mild but by the end of the month it looked like things were semi back on track, except for that lingering +7C there...

But it was not meant to be because February was as volatile as a crack addict:
Feb 6, 2012
Feb 7, 2012

Mar 1, 2012


Mar 2, 2012


Why snow and screw with people's commutes when it's just going to melt...overnight!

Really? We're going to go from "feels like -20C" to +11C in less than 24 hours? Just ridiculous.
Even more ridiculous is the fact that the forecasts for the week after that look like this:
Good news for those who celebrate St Patty's Day!
 That would be this week and so far, I can tell you it's true. I do love pulling out the spring jacket, but I would love it more if I knew for sure that I could put away the winter ones for good! Otherwise I may have called this post "Winter Wrapup"...but who knows what Sunday's weather will be!

So tell me, will this be a class action suit or did you enjoy the mild "winter"?


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