February 13, 2012

Grammy Post Show

Last year I did a Golden Globes "tweet-cap" and since I fell asleep during the Globes this year I thought I'd make up for it with the Grammys. Here it is!

My twitter*

Yup that's it. Within an hour I had already fallen asleep on the couch and then decided I'd rather be comfy in my bed. Award shows get less and less interesting every year.

I did however hear that the Grammys brought you this atrocity:

The only video not (yet) blocked by YouTube

*Note: I do not mean to me insensitive about Whitney Houston's death. But I wouldn't want to have been the Grammys producer(s) this past weekend, that's for sure.


  1. As soon as I heard about her death, that's the first thing I thought about--"ugh oh, those Grammy producers are already scrambling!"
    The red carpet with Ryan Seacrest was horrible!!! Every.single.celeb was asked about her. Yeah, it's a big deal, but my god, I don't want to hear the same answer 546x in 2 hours, all basically "oh my gosh, she changed my life, her music was so influential, we lost a special one..."
    Clearly, I'm on the insensitive train lol
    The only good thing about the awards? I discovered a new band, The Civil Wars.

  2. Wow.. I hadn't seen that disaster of a performance yet, thank you for sharing. The only good thing about that was that we found out the truth about Nicki.. she is possessed. Something is definitely wrong with her.

  3. I didn't see the Grammy's this year, but seeing this makes me grateful I was busy, lol.


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