February 16, 2012

The First Vday

Apparently the first Vday is the only that matters. Since it doesn't matter to me anyway, I decided to humour dC on this point, and it was great! I did have the rule of no prezzies but we both broke that a little bit :P

Our big Vday plan was to...see the Raptors vs Knicks game! This was actually only my second ever NBA game (the first was this past Sunday) but a guaranteed good time because I love live sports events!!! A lot.

Dinner had to be squeezed in before the game but luckily the famous Old Spaghetti Factory is nearby so we got to check that out. This place was fantastic! The menu was simple but delicious, and all of the dishes included soup or salad and pistachio-spumoni ice cream, all for under $20! To my American friends, please know that this is a real steal around here, especially in downtown Toronto!

dC being the sweet & thoughtful guy that he is, had little Valentine's cards for each part of our date.
post-dinner Vday card :)

The game was a blast despite the fact that the fucking Knicks won. Ya I cursed them. Don't get me started on fucking #Lincanity. Two days later I'm still bitter. #rematch

We wore red and pink. How lame of us :)
We also got to see a guy propose to his girlfriend! It was sweet, and cliche. She played some 'win this or that' game during an extended time out and the ring was in the strategically placed box. He came out and did a short and sweet speech before getting down on one knee and putting the ring on her finger. Quite frankly, she wasn't really given time to answer so...I wonder. But it was sweet :)

They're between the red heart [during his speech]
Posing with Raptor, post-"acceptance" lol
 Back to our Vday...after the game we headed home and exchanged our little gifts. Of course I received another little Vday card as well :)

All the cards, chocolates & sweet gifts I received :) That gift bag is empty btw...I'm not that spoiled :P
And for him, I spent a morning doing arts & crafts and an evening baking...
Banana bread (with chocolate centre) - dC's fave :)
Like I said, we had a spectacular first Vday. I really enjoyed the personal touches that made it our own and I'm not opposed to continuing this tradition, but I don't want to commercialize our love. Even though I may in the future patent & license #teamdCdK...but that's for another post.

There's actually one more noteworthy Vday gift but you're not quite ready for it... ;)


  1. you're so freakin' adorable i'm gonna barf :) <3

    1. Hold on..let me get you your red garbage can :P


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