February 28, 2012

Beer Goggle Romance & Triple Axels

This past weekend marked one year since dC & I met over a couple of team pitchers with a mutual friend. We've thanked said mutual friend many times since then. It didn't mark the beginning of anything more than associating the name with a face, and a cool personality, but we were pretty buzzed HAHA But no seriously, how not fun would it be if everything happened all at once? That's what I thought.

On Saturday we hit up the Harbourfront Centre outdoor skating rink (on the edge of the lake) for their DJ night and it was really awesome! Unfortunately, it's their last weekend doing it this winter but I can't wait until next year! By then I'll be a pro skater anyway...

Free hot chocolate!

A view of the CN Tower!

And a lot of goofy picture attempts!
The cute one

The funny one

The love one :)
We obviously finished the night off by grabbing a couple drinks at a bar. It was only fitting. Looking forward to the rest of our 'firsts' anniversaries that are coming up :)

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  1. The story of how you met is the best! I'm glad you had fun celebrating!


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