January 31, 2012

Shopping, Sushi, Duckface

My mom and sister finally came to visit me this past weekend and we had a jolly ol' good time! Honestly, this visit has been 'in the works' practically since I moved a year ago but schedules just never jived. My sister's busy social life is difficult to work around.

Obviously we started off by hitting the mall, where I picked up two incredible finds at none other than my favourite, H&M!
$29.95CAD at H&M
I've been dying for blue skinny jeans since Tara ranted about them here & I kept seeing them in all the stores. I already own purple ones, so I wanted more colours! The navy skinny pants I came by accidentally but totally love them for work with a beige or brown top & my giraffe heels. All I'm going to say is be on the lookout for some uncharacteristic for me outfit posts!

Shopping was followed up with sushi *om nom nom*
Mom finally getting the hang of chopsticks (instead of poking the maki)! But it was short-lived...

And that deliciousness was followed up by a makeup session!
Yes, my sister owns all that makeup and more!
She also feels the need to own various brands of exactly the same pink lipstick!
Naturally, I modeled most of them. With my duck face.
I also made out with 3 bare minerals eyeshadows [thanks Nik!]
Really pumped to try them all, especially the neutral shades!
But my favourite part was discovering the lipstick [non]colour I've always dreamed of! Naturally, it comes from M.A.C. so I'm going to have to dish out like $20 but it'll be well worth it!
M.A.C. Fleshpot <3

They left today and I did some shopping for an important upcoming event that I shall not mention yet... Overall a truly lovely weekend! Now if only I could skip the week...*le sigh*

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