December 29, 2011

Santa Baby!

Did I mention I got hella spoiled this year? Parents, friends, boyfriend, "in-laws"...everyone showed the love this year :) And of course this girl reciprocated!

By far the best gift of all was my Pandora bracelet (from my wishlist!) with 3 charms from my spectacular boyfriend! LOVE IT!
[sorry for the dark picture!]
The charms on the far left & far right are from my sister & mom, respectively
Here's are some of the other things I was spoiled with, both functional & fun:
- a pot/pasta cooker/steamer in 1
- a Christmas serving dish
- a Germany calendar
- a kettle
- a Bath & Body works gift box
- a jewelry box
- lots of chocolate!
- a Tommy Hilfiger hoody (pretty much an acceptance gift from the dC family)
- a Coach wristlet!
- a AE sweater
I may be forgetting a couple...but SO MUCH STUFF!

Thank you to my Santas :)

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  1. Sounds like you got some awesome stuff lady! I love my Pandora bracelet so I'm glad you're loving yours too!


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