December 4, 2011

NYC, Part II

Check out our Day 1 adventures!

After doing the more touristy things in Lower Manhattan on our first day, Day 2 consisted of exploring the Lower to Midtown neighbourhoods. This was definitely the part I was most excited about and the plan consisted of only one thing: walking.

Awesomely enough, my cousin and her bff were in town that weekend as well so we met up with them for part of the day :)
Lovelies <3

Little Italy

We couldn't not go into the Beats by Dre store!

This was super cool - I can't imagine how he did this!

DKinNY - perfect :)

Had lunch at this lovely place in SoHo

Washington Park - my favourite place of the day :)
 I absolutely loved that these very Italian guys brought a thermos and espresso cups to drink in the park!
Wish we could have seen a Rangers [hockey] game!

Empire State Building (this is as close as we got)

One day I want to take a train into Grand Central, it was huge!
Ending the night at Times Square's Hard Rock Cafe
Umm, last call in NYC is at 4am?! I didn't think that was possible in North America! Way.too.awesome. Obviously reason #5909709 that I should live here :)

Day #3 - our last :( - is coming up soon...

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  1. Split the rent and move there? Sounds like a plan to me!


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