December 31, 2011

A look at the year that was...2011

It's time for the annual "year in review" and I'm glad I've managed to find a bit of time in the Holiday craziness to do this review!

I love writing this because it gives me a chance to go "Oh yeah! I almost forgot that happened!" and reflect on what the hell I was thinking this past year. Also love reading everyone else's & reflecting on all of our accomplishments :)

This year I've decided to pick the highlights by month, since each month was special in its own way!

I did a rather popular Golden Globes on the look out for one in 2012!
I got a New Toy! And the reason I've been able to blog in 2011 Hahaha
I want to see Lady Gaga & it was AH-MAY-ZING!
My 2-week vaca to the motherland prompted a blog photo challenge starting with all about me!
It was my blog's 1st birthday - so exciting and a little bit hard to believe!
I had my 1st date with dC & it was wonderful - much like the months since then have been <3
Summer was crazy busy but I got an invite to guest post at Leanna's blog!
I taught y'all the most important ingredients to making banana bread. You're welcome.
I had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction - no big deal.
This girl had one very happy 25th birthday<3
#TeamdCdK went to NYC this year & loved it!

I'm so pumped about 2012 & all the awesomeness it's going to bring! And if there will be an apocalypse, can I please get some notice first? I'd like to blow my savings :)

Hope everyone had an amazing year & all the best in 2012!

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