November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend - The Fun!

This was the first Halloween in a while that hasn't involved a frantic costume scramble, travelling to another city to go out with friends or unpacking my life before going out. It felt good!

Friday I took it pretty easy to reserve my energy for the rest of the weekend plans.

Saturday I got up early to do some groceries and get to some making. There will be a separate post on that but here's a sneak peak:
They were delicious!

Saturday night was dress up night & #Team.dCdK joined some friends for some drinking & dancing!
#Team.dCdK :)

Gypsy, Party Animal, Vamp

Retro man, Baseball player, Nerd, Party animal, Vamp & Black Swan

Apparently the big baseball hats 'made' the costume...?

Sunday was left for pumpkin carving, Halloween movie-watching & a festive butternut pasta dinner (more on that in the food post too).

Who knew that every store would be sold out of pumpkin carving kits on the Sunday before Halloween! Well, we should have known since all the stores had started putting out their Christmas stock already!!!! Luckily, we're tough enough that we didn't mind going to a ghetto 'town plaza' in order to find the last of the carving kit (on earth)!

Our pumpkins actually turned out wonderfully & next year I want to do a whole bunch!!

Can you tell who did which one? ;)

We topped off the night with Scream, Zombieland & the second episode of Once Upon A Time (still on the fence with that one).

Monday night I roasted the pumpkin seeds from the previous day and it was way easier than I thought - not to mention delicious!

Overall it was an awesome Halloween & I'm really happy about the various activities. Not quite sure if it beats this one though... ;)

I hope everyone had a lovely Hallo-weekend - all the posts so far have been great!


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